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CNC Programing
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CNC Programming

Linear Interpolation G00 and G01. More details...

Circular Interpolation G02 and G03More details...

G04 Dwell: Modal [NO]

G04 will stop all movement for a specified amount of time.

G4 X1000 will pause all motion for 1 second.


Plane selection G17 G18 G19: MODAL [YES]

The G-Codes G17, G18 and G19 control the 3 planes of operation on most C N C Machines. Cutter radius compensation and tool compensation are affected by the plane selection. The default plane is XY.



Cutter Radius Compensation G40 G41 G42: MODAL [YES]

G40: Cutter compensation cancels.

G41: Cutter compensation left.

G42: Cutter compensation right..

The radius used for compensation is stored in the Tool Table and the correct tool must be active when the compensation is applied. The cutter radius compensation depends on the active plane.


Canned Cycle G81 -> G85.  More Details...

Zero Point: More Details...

More G-Code and M-Code Words: More Details...


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